The R Word

For my first blog post, I would like to discuss, the R word…. Revision. I chose this as it’s Easter Monday and I can remember back to this time of year like it was yesterday. Good Friday you decide to have a break from cramming…. bank holiday rules right? Saturday is out as you need to help with the prep for Sunday. Sunday arrives wahoo! And with it a chocolate coma, no way can revision take place today. Playing cranium is good enough for keeping brain cells alive today. Easter Monday, well you’ve still got another 5 eggs to get through so let’s start tomorrow. Here’s where I want to stop you!! It takes 3 days to break a habit… and guess what, it’s been a quick steep slope!

If you’re in this position now, wondering whether to pick up that revision guide/notes you’ve been diligently making over the last few months, my advice DO IT! If only for an hour this morning and an hour this afternoon. Don’t break your cycle else tomorrow will just be even harder.

If you’re in the position of doing nothing so far… my advice, don’t panic! There’s still time, grab yourself a past paper and crack on (eggscuse the pun).

My top tips for getting the most out of your revision time:

1. Every minute not spent preparing is a minute wasted repairing. Planning is key, get yourself a wall planner/make one/put it on your phone . Plan no more than 6 hours a day. Watch out for procrastination…. spending 5 out of your 6 hours rewriting your revision plan and organising your folders is not going to get you the grades, unfortunately the examiner doesn’t get to see your beautiful revision cards complete with hand drawn Harry Potter character drawn on each page.

2. You’ve got your plan now… USE IT! Don’t shy away from saying no to your mates who want to go to Costa to ‘revise’ if you know it’s going to be a distraction. Your future is in your hands, don’t forget the importance of that. It’s only a couple of months, when summer is here you can make up on missing all those Frappuccinos, with the peace of mind you did your best and have no regrets!

3. So you’re now committed, you’ve got your pint of squash and fave pen. You know today it’s 2 hours maths, 2 hours chemistry, 2 hours English…. but where to start. A whole subject has got to be stuffed into your mind, like a sleeping bag into its stuff sack… it will take effort, but it’s satisfying when it’s done. So my advice, first off grab your textbook and exercise book (if you missed any class work text a mate for it). Highlight/fold the page on each where you know you don’t know the info.

4. Next I would really recommend you buy new or second hand the relevant CGP book to your topic. I’ve got some listed on the resource link here. These books have the info you need and are really concise and easy to access

5. Print your past papers from here. I cannot express how important it is to do past papers, as a 100m runner you wouldn’t just rock up to the Olympics with out practicing, so why do that for your GCSEs or ALevels?

Hopefully you’re energised from reading this to do a small amount today, just to keep the focus on your upcoming exams. I wish you all the best with your exams, try (and I know I may sound mad here) to enjoy the process. You won’t be doing exams forever and when you look back you’ll want to remember that you put in the graft and did the best you could.

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